More 3d text, this time in aliased flavor.

UPDATE: Apparently the .swf was missing… it’s there now. I realize many of you spent sleepless nights shredding your nails with ye sharp fangs. Crisis is now over.

This is actually the first experiment I wanted to do, but I got too excited about the anti-aliased one. Not much to talk about here, just runs through the pixels and represents them as Cube instances. This time I used Tweener for the possibility of “auto animating” :o oh: Reminds me of that crappy windows 3d text screensaver, except, I don’t have shading… Hopefully I’ll build the courage to install great white soon… Maybe I could be like the cool kids and add fire to it too ;)

There is some ‘flickering’ going on between the individual Cubes. If time permits, I’d like to optimize this to combine as many Cubes into “stretched” cubes as possible. I’ve got a bunch of ideas stemming from these two experiments, hopefully I’ll be blogging a plenty :)

:buttrock: The mindblowing beyond LOBOTOMY Aliased 3d text toy :buttrock:


Oh yeah, the code is shite, experiment stylee… the useful bits should be easy enough to extract. Just right click view source, then select “TextPixelsToCubes.mxml”.

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    [...] is still inferior to the old windows screensaver, but far more 1337 than my previous attempt. Probably not useful for any real production, unless you are HEAVILY into extremely pixelated 3d [...]

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