Northern Lights Circular Wander Demo

This was a fun quickie. I’ve always wanted to try creating Northern Lights with Actionscript, and here was a good excuse. I’ve seen the real deal in Finland, and though my demo doesn’t act (or look) exactly like aurora borealis, it does use the Circular Wander Class I blogged about last week ;) The code is pretty straight forward, the “trick” being that I take the y value of the “leader” (an instance of CircularWander), and cast that to the Z value of all the following particles. A little Blur, and voila. Then for lack of inspiration, I made it into a sound visualizer.

I used this random Image from Flickr as my source of inspiration:

Here’s a screenshot of the demo.

Click image to see demo WARNING: 3megs… there’s an embedded sound file…

Here be the source files (without the .mp3, that would be file sharing?!)

I just added the code to the from the previous blog entry…

Hope you like it!


6 Responses to “Northern Lights Circular Wander Demo”

  1. James Says:

    it doesn’t animate on Flash 10

  2. sakri Says:

    Hi James, that’s strange… it should only “animate” on players 10 and up. Are you on a linux or so?

  3. George Says:

    Didn’t animate with Flash 10, Chrome, Vista. Did animate fine with Flash 10, Safari, OS X 10.5

  4. Kralo Says:

    Great version of Da Funk, where can I find it?!

  5. sakri Says:

    Hi Kralo, it’s a live cd called : daft punk alive 2007 if you like daft punk you’ll buy it, listen to it, and kick yourself for not being there ;)

  6. Rackdoll Says:

    Hi Sakri,
    Was trying to watch the demo but it doesnt animate.
    Just like James and George said.
    Am using FF Minefield, and newest FP ofc.

    Just fyi :)

    i see that you are doing more demo stuff …
    Any interest in collabs ? :)

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