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Working on 3d text generator with papervision3d

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

It’s no secret I have a bit of a fetish for playing with text and making text effects in flash. Back in May I decided to create dynamic 3d TriangleMeshes from BitmapData captures of text in textfields. Like the majority of my experiments, I never finished it.

I’m now posting this for three reasons:

  • Aral Balkans Grab the low hanging fruit Presentation which I saw last month in Ghent. I didn’t agree with everything he said, but what stuck with me was : “Talk about stuff you’re working on”. The idea is, if you wait forever for your “perfect finalized grand hobby project” release, it’ll never happen. You need peers to egg you on. So, I’ve been doing this on and off for a while and this post is an experiment to see if I’ll actually get a finished product out someday
  • I saw a post about 3d text with Away3d a few weeks back.
  • Just the other day, Mark Barcinski posted this on the Papervision3d mailing list which is pretty much exactly the process I had come up with. Doh. Somebody always does it before you… I’m just waiting for some Zupko or Ralph to see this and say : “oh, I typed that with my toes back when the beta of player8 came out…” ;)

Click here to try out the current state of my 3d text test tool

screen shot of 3d text testing tool

I won’t post any code for now as it’s in an embarrassing state… just getting shit to work eh. The current state of the algorithm only handles Pixel fonts with no diagonals or curves… The flow is:

  1. Take a BitmapData snapshot of a textfield with one character.
  2. Create “monochrome” bitmaps of the character, and any “holes” or shapes within it (That would be the black bitmaps at the bottom right of the screenshot above).
  3. “Scan” these monochrome images for a list of all the “shape edge” pixels.
  4. Optimize the “shape edge” points into lines, diagonals and curves. These are the “outlines” at the top left of the screenshot.
  5. “Triangulate” those points (this is not quite perfect yet, just punch in “B” into the input field for a fix of teh fail). This will generate the bluish patchwork letter to the right of the outlines.
  6. Use the triangles and the outline points to generate faces and vertices, UVMap them, pass a material and render.
  7. Feel intimidated by the bugs :D

Next steps are obviously to create some code that’s actually usable. Get the diagonals and curves to work. Try this out with some shaders, the 3d render is crap now. Get full words out. Animate the individual letters. I’ll need some help with optimizing some of the “mathier” parts, but that’s what the mailing list and friends like David are for ;)

Damn you Aral… I’m never gonna get this done :D

Vaio10 site is live!

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

:bubbly: Woot! :bubbly:

Actually, it’s been live since last week, but it was deployed with a couple of glaringly obvious bugs, so I waited a bit with the announcement ;)

screenshot of vaio10 website

I’m really happy with how this project turned out. Enough time and budget to keep the code clean, Even enough to spend on the design details :) I actually had dinner with the wife and kids a few times during the week :eek: . The only regret I have is not going for fullscreen, performance is fine (on my machine anyways ;) ). Maybe we’ll do an update when papervision3d rolls out with a flashplayer 10 release. :D

For the full story, read my entry from the nascom blog :

:buttrock: . :buttrock: . :buttrock:

Extruded text in papervision3d, with the help of some real brains…

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Yesterday :buttrock: Den Ivanov :buttrock: posted a png extruder class at the papervision3d mailing list.

So, within an hour or so I had an experiment with BitmapData grabbed from a textfield rotating around in extruded 3d :)

Nope, still not even as good as the oldschool windows 3dtext screensaver (the barometer for all that is cool in this world). Certainly not for production (unless you happen to have a deep rooted fetish for EXTREMELY pixelated extruded rotating 3d text), yet, more 1337 than my previous attempt ;) .


extruded text example
extruded text example2

what’s that? 360Flex Milan ?? You know you wanna register and see me there!!! (along with some AMAZING speakers).

C4RL05 thinks I’m cool!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

…well, not really… ;)

As a devout believer in the temple of RSS, I saw the papervision blog entry : 25 Cool Things to Do with Papervision3D way back in December. Three weeks later I now realize the Pioneer Kuro project I worked on was featured!

pioneer kuro website screenshot

Sadly, I did pretty much none of the 3d work (which is the sole reason it’s featured), that credit goes to Patrick Pietens. He created the cube, I implemented it into the Flex app. Still, it was quite a piece of effort, orchestrating the loadings, transitions from papervision to rendered 3d flv movies, to the actual sections of the site. This was a thesedays project designed by Valentijn Destoop, I was outsourced from nascom to do the actionscripting.

:o oh: apparently the site even received 3rd place at the “uber flash awards”! This is some german initiative… Big time, HUGE…must be… only, I can’t even google a link to it :D (news from Patricks blog, which is only readable through rss). (btw, Patrick, if you happen to read this, thanks for the kind comments on your blog Was a pleasure to work with you!)

More 3d text, this time in aliased flavor.

Monday, January 14th, 2008

UPDATE: Apparently the .swf was missing… it’s there now. I realize many of you spent sleepless nights shredding your nails with ye sharp fangs. Crisis is now over.

This is actually the first experiment I wanted to do, but I got too excited about the anti-aliased one. Not much to talk about here, just runs through the pixels and represents them as Cube instances. This time I used Tweener for the possibility of “auto animating” :o oh: Reminds me of that crappy windows 3d text screensaver, except, I don’t have shading… Hopefully I’ll build the courage to install great white soon… Maybe I could be like the cool kids and add fire to it too ;)

There is some ‘flickering’ going on between the individual Cubes. If time permits, I’d like to optimize this to combine as many Cubes into “stretched” cubes as possible. I’ve got a bunch of ideas stemming from these two experiments, hopefully I’ll be blogging a plenty :)

:buttrock: The mindblowing beyond LOBOTOMY Aliased 3d text toy :buttrock:


Oh yeah, the code is shite, experiment stylee… the useful bits should be easy enough to extract. Just right click view source, then select “TextPixelsToCubes.mxml”.