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sakri dot net is live

As the saying goes : "busy developers have crap portfolios". This rang true for the first 18 years of this website. It's been a biannual ritual, I brainstorm, get amped up, start coding, inevitably find myself drowning in work and eventually give up. This time, after a long 4 year project, I consciously took out time to build something I should be happy with for a few years to come.

That was the goal anyway, a personal website is like an oil painting that never dries, because there's always something that can be improved. With the mad circus that is the daily changing world of Javascript, it's a hair pulling exercise, fortunately I have no hair.

The starting point was : "show the world what I'm good at and actually enjoy coding". That's my one floor elevator pitch. At conferences, "inspirational speakers" love to "reveal" the big secret : "you only get the kind of work that you have already done". I want to build components, data visualizations and interactive features using the Html5 Canvas and SVG. I'm happy to work on projects with your regular features, but ideally interesting visuals, animations and interactions should play a major role.

Another starting point was to make a website that isn't yet another parallax scrollers paradise. I've had this comment several times : "it's neat and unique, but why don't you just go for a regular site with some scrolling effects?". Because I'm bored of those. In the old wild wild west spaghetti days of Flash, things were unusable, killed your cpu, confused and frustrated users, but designers and developers had the freedom to experiment, and it wasn't boring. I'd love for the good parts of that to return.

I've put a lot of effort into this, I hope you like it.

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