Search Engine Optimization 2018 round 1

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Search Engine Optimization 2018 round 1

Search Engine Optimiwation 2018 round 1 preview

While browsing developer portfolios for inspiration, I ran into a post by Rafael Caferati (link below). My interest in SEO runs nowhere as deep as his, yet anyone in this business should know the basics. In the 2000s I ran a "flash blog" on this domain which was generating around 500 visits a day at its peak.

My Blogging days went down the drain with the demise of Flash, and my Google Ranking plummeted along with it. Googling "sakri" would lead a user to my website around page 8. To rectify this grave injustice I:

All this took some effort, but it's started to pay off :

I'm actually doing better on Bing and Duck Duck Go than google :D

The current goal is to reclaim my throne for "sakri" from the wikipedia article (Sakri : a census town in the Dhule District of India), and actually increase visibility to the point where I no longer have to search for projects (yes, a man can dream ;) )

As promised here's the article that sparked this :

Rafael Caferatis on SEO

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