Whats your story?

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What's Your Story?

I was born in 1975 in Porvoo (Finland), attending the world renown Näsin Ala-aste until 4th Grade. In 1985 my father took a job in Saudi Arabia, where I spent 2 years at Jubail Academy. I was introduced to kids from all over the world, apple II computers and skateboarding.

In 1988 our family moved to Brussels where I had the fortune of going to the International School Of Brussels (ISB). I played guitar in bands and spent most of my free time skateboarding with locals. I played American Football against US military base high schools scattered around Europe. We won the European Football championships in 1993.

At ISB I made a core group of friends who I still speak to regularly, but more importantly I met Melissa Beltgens to whom (25 years later) I'm happily married to with 2 children.

To retain my Finnish passport, I went back to Finland for a 9 month military service. This, was a highly decorated affair. I rose through the ranks, working high responsibility positions including Dentists Assistant and night receptionist at a hospital.

At this point I was far more interested in nightlife than real life, and nightlife in Belgium was good. Venues like Fuse, Vaudeville, Fool Moon, Whos Whos Land etc. etc. hosted big name DJs nearly every weekend. But I needed to study something, and found Le 75 through a recommendation (a French speaking art school in Brussels).

At this point my "professional story" continues in the card :

What's your professional story
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