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Happy Metrix

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Happy Metrix was a visit into the start up world. The concept was good : Custom dashboards for Social Media Influencers and marketeers. Users could connect to various platforms (GA, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr etc.) and create customized dashboards to track relevant metrics.

I wrote connectors and data parsers to social media APIs, implemented UI's and built a custom set of light weight charting components from the ground up. All the data loading slowed things down, so the UI had to be performant and snappy. On top of working on the app, I took part in the promotion: speaking/visiting conferences and events, even spending days on a stand talking to strangers about the app at a trade show.

Year : 2013

Technologies : Flash, Flex, Html5, Javascript, OAuth, various social media APIs Visit site : Happy Metrix
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