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Html5 Canvas Workshops

I give workshops on graphics and animation using the Html5 Canvas at conferences, companies and co-working spaces. My workshops are hands on, informative and peppered with dry developer humor. Attendees can expect to absorb information in a well prepared, yet relaxed environment. Workshops are basic to medium advanced, requiring a working understanding of Javascript. The goal of the workshops is a sufficient understanding of the Canvas element, it's strengths and weaknesses, for real life application using best practices and insider tricks and tips.

Current offerings are: Please contact me for a quote on custom content. All Workshops last 6 hours and cost €1,000 (excluding VAT) with a maximum of 15 attendees. Attendees need to bring their own laptop (with code editor of choice). All exercises and examples are in plain javascript (vanilla) and use no external libraries (no time wasted on set up). Workshops outside Belgium must to cover my travel and lodging, I will arrive the night before.

Interested? Please get in touch via the contact section :

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